Uganda's Honorary Consuls

Mrs Sylvia Katete Gavigan

Mrs Sylvia Katete Gavigan was appointed Uganda's Honorary Consul, resident in Dublin, Ireland on 16th October 2009.

She is an International Management Consultant and married to Mr. Bob Gavigan.


Tel: +353 (0)85 710 5667    Website:

Mr Jaffer Kapasi, OBE
Mr Jaffer Kapasi, OBE was appointed Honorary Consul General of Uganda in the Midlands on Monday 14th December 2015.

Mr Kapasi is a highly successful Ugandan Asian businessman, with an academic and professional background in finance.

The role of Honorary Consuls:
  • Oversee the welfare of Ugandan nationals resident where they are based.
  •  Promote commercial, economic, trade, investment and other interests of the Republic of Uganda.